Humanizing the time difference ( in django )

django.contrib.humanize is a set of Django template filters that adds human touch to data. It provides naturalday filter that formats date to ‘yesterday’, ‘today’ or ‘tomorrow’ when applicable.

A similar requirement which the humanize pacakge does not address is to display time difference with this human touch. so here is a snippet that does so.

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  1. Hi Anand,

    Thanks for sharing naturalTimeDifference(). I made two changes to improve your code, feel free to share with others. First, if the filter is passed a datetime.timedelta object it uses that instead of calculating – value. Second, with one additional conditional it now says “1 hour ago” for (7200 > delta.seconds >= 3600) and “N hours ago” for delta >= 7200. Small changes for a grammatically correct result.

    Here is the updated filter code:

    def naturalTimeDifference(value):
    Finds the difference between the datetime value given and now()
    and returns appropriate humanize form

    from datetime import datetime, timedelta

    if isinstance(value, timedelta):
    delta = value
    elif isinstance(value, datetime):
    delta = – value
    delta = None

    if delta:
    if delta.days > 6:
    return value.strftime(“%b %d”) # May 15
    if delta.days > 1:
    return value.strftime(“%A”) # Wednesday
    elif delta.days == 1:
    return ‘yesterday’ # yesterday
    elif delta.seconds >= 7200:
    return str(delta.seconds / 3600 ) + ‘ hours ago’ # 3 hours ago
    elif delta.seconds >= 3600:
    return ‘1 hour ago’ # 1 hour ago
    elif delta.seconds > MOMENT:
    return str(delta.seconds/60) + ‘ minutes ago’ # 29 minutes ago
    return ‘a moment ago’ # a moment ago
    return str(value)

  2. Hi, now with Django 1.4 and time zone support you need to replace
    datetime.utcnow() - value

    delta = - value

    where ‘timezone’ is imported with

    from django.utils import timezone

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